Electronic Press Kit

WHAT TO EXPECT: 4-piece band (piano, guitar, bass, drums), woman-fronted vocals (with male backing vocals), style centers around reggae-pop with a driving piano-rock. The band has a repertoire of over 50 songs, approximately 70/30 distribution of originals/covers, and can play up to 3.5 hours. Frontwoman Amy also can play up to 2 hours as a scaled-down solo piano act, with John accompanying on acoustic guitar. The band avoids profanity, both in lyrics and audience interaction, promoting a family-friendly atmosphere that adults find enjoyable. The band also has access to a lighting rig, a smoke machine, and a bubble maker, depending on the ambiance of the venue.

Heart Medicine band members playing in a crowded room. John on Guitar, Jeromey on Drums, Amy on Piano, Corben on Bass.

AMY RUSSELL – piano / vox
JOHN RUSSELL – guitars / vox

Booking Contact: Jeromey at 970.372.0738 or booking@heartmedicine.band

Short Bio

Heart Medicine is a soulful reggae-pop woman-led band from Fort Collins, Colorado. The band focuses on making music about positivity, celebrating life even when life is hard, and staying true to yourself. Don’t be surprised when Amy’s heartfelt lyrics and captivating vocals leave you wanting more.

Heart Medicine formed as Amy and the Peace Pipes in 2014, as an outlet for Amy Russell’s solo piano/vocals into something that could encapsulate the energy and passion of her raw lyrics. Music has been a powerful outlet for Amy, writing music about love and heartbreak, friendship, and the challenges of life. As the band has evolved they have channeled the music towards a message of love, hope, and self-acceptance. Scene Magazine agrees, with their review of our self-titled debut: “The lyrics are often personal and are seemingly always accompanied with a message of optimism.”