About Heart Medicine

Heart Medicine is a soulful reggae-pop woman-led band from Fort Collins, Colorado. The band focuses on making music about positivity, celebrating life even when life is hard, and staying true to yourself. Don’t be surprised when Amy’s heartfelt lyrics and captivating vocals leave you wanting more.

Heart Medicine formed as Amy and the Peace Pipes in 2014, as an outlet for Amy Russell’s solo piano/vocals into something that could encapsulate the energy and passion of her raw lyrics. Music has been a powerful outlet for Amy, writing music about love and heartbreak, friendship, and the challenges of life. As the band has evolved they have channeled the music towards a message of love, hope, and self-acceptance. Scene Magazine agrees, with their review of our self-titled debut: “The lyrics are often personal and are seemingly always accompanied with a message of optimism.”

Amy and the Peace Pipes established themselves throughout northern Colorado, playing over 100 shows across the front range. During that time the band released a self-titled EP in 2015, followed up by their full-length album, Eden’s Favorite Apple, in 2018. Since then the band has released multiple singles, including a version of Taylor Swift’s Look What You Made Me Do, original songs such as Piano In Your Head, The Seen, Clear Reflections, and Christmas Peace, an original tribute to the magical holiday.

As part of their continual evolution, in 2020 the band became Heart Medicine, a name that reflects their desire to share love, healing, and comfort through their music. Heart Medicine continues to promote the realization of inner-beauty, self-worth, conquering adversity, and embracing the optimism that lies in the unknown, through their unique piano-rock/reggae/alternative sound.

Heart Medicine is…

Amy Russell - Vocals & Keys
Amy Russell – Vocals & Keys
John Russell - Guitar & Vocals
John Russell – Guitar & Vocals
Jeromey Balderrama - Drums
Jeromey Balderrama – Drums
Corben Wilkins - Bass
Corben Wilkins – Bass

Photos by Callie Ann Photography.

Questions about the name change:

“What happens to all of your music?”

It’s not going anywhere! We still love every song and will keep playing them at our shows! With the way streaming platforms work, we’re better off keeping our Amy and the Peace Pipes songs up, rather than pull them down and re-posting them. We’d love for you to keep listening to them and including them in your playlists! That’s the best way to support us!

“What’s happening to the old website and socials?”

Our old website will stick around for a bit, but all the music, videos, and other fun stuff is already on the new site.

We’re changing the names on our socials – stay tuned, but if you’re following us there, you’ll keep following us under our new name.

“What about your merch?”

We’ll continue to have Amy and the Peace Pipes shirts, glasses, hats, stickers, and other merch available at our shows and online. New Heart Medicine merch is coming soon! Email us and let us know what kind of merch you’d like us to make – hi [at] heartmedicine.band