About Heart Medicine

Heart Medicine is a soulful reggae-pop woman-led band from Fort Collins, Colorado. The band focuses on making music about positivity, celebrating life even when life is hard, and smiling till your cheeks hurt. Don’t be surprised when Amy’s heartfelt lyrics and captivating vocals leave you wanting more.

Heart Medicine formed as Amy in the Peace Pipes in the winter of 2014, in Amy Russell’s effort to expand her solo piano/vocals into something that could encapsulate the energy and passion of her raw lyrics. Music has been a powerful outlet for Amy that has given her a voice for the pain she has endured through abuse and betrayal, channeling it into a message of hope, triumph, and love. Scene Magazine agrees, with their review of our self-titled debut: “The lyrics are often personal and are seemingly always accompanied with a message of optimism.” Heart Medicine established itself throughout northern Colorado, playing over 100 shows across the front range.

The band released several singles throughout 2023 including Watch Me, Special K, and Take Me Back. Heart Medicine is in the process of releasing updated recordings from their Amy and the Peace Pipes catalog and is actively working on a new album set for 2024.

Heart Medicine continues to promote the realization of inner beauty and self-worth, conquering adversity, and embracing the optimism that lies in the unknown through its unique piano-rock/reggae/alternative sound.

Heart Medicine is…

Amy Russell – Vocals & Keys
John Russell – Guitar & Vocals
Jeromey Balderrama – Drums
Corben Wilkins – Bass

Photos by Jason Myers / Memorandum Media