Amy and the Peace Pipes is now Heart Medicine

Since our band formed in late 2014, we’ve been really blessed. We’ve made a ton of new friends, written dozens of songs, and performed on amazing stages with so many talented performers. Looking back on the last six years, we’re blown away at just how much we’ve grown.

At the same time, we’ve gone through evolution and change. Over the years, we’ve said goodbye to amazing band members and welcomed new friends whose influences have transformed our sound with each new song. In reflecting on our journey, the time felt right to write our band’s next chapter under a new title: Heart Medicine.

Heart Medicine

We’re marking the occasion with a brand new song!

Heart Medicine is the band’s debut track under the same band name. In writing the lyrics, Amy reflected, “Change doesn’t come easy to me, especially when it comes to something as personal as the music I write. I was left with a feeling of heartbreak, pain, and loss of control. But it was in those feelings that I was reminded of one thing that doesn’t change: love.”

“Heart Medicine” is just that: the medicine of love through music. This song serves as a statement of the band’s vocation and intention.

“What happens to all of your music?”

It’s not going anywhere! We still love every song and will keep playing them at our shows! With the way streaming platforms work, we’re better off keeping our Amy and the Peace Pipes songs up, rather than pull them down and re-posting them. We’d love for you to keep listening to them and including them in your playlists! That’s the best way to support us!

“What’s happening to your website and socials?”

We have a new website! You’ve made it here!

Our old website will stick around for a bit, but all the music, videos, and other fun stuff is already on the new site.

We’re changing the names on our socials – stay tuned, but if you’re following us there, you’ll keep following us under our new name.

“What about your merch?”

We’ll continue to have Amy and the Peace Pipes shirts, glasses, hats, stickers, and other merch available at our shows and online. New Heart Medicine merch is coming soon! Email us and let us know what kind of merch you’d like us to make – hi [at]